Sunday, March 21, 2010

CTC Cigar Club

So life here is good at CTC. Turns out, quite a few guys enjoy a cigar now and then, so the CTC Cigar Club was formed. We tried to make it like a real club, (for something to do). We had a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Sgt at Arms (me). We had members and prospects, dues and club activities. Sending flowers to members families, raising money for a local LA’s sick mother, ect... Every four conex’s, (living quarters) has a deck. So outside of our rooms, we made a club. In the fall, the wind was pretty strong and could get cold in the evening, so we had a wall built to keep the breeze from coming in. We decorated it and added an outdoor light and power outlet for a IPod docking station and every evening we had a little crowd enjoying some fine smokes, tunes and good conversation. Occasionally, it was packed with up 14 guys. When winter arrived, the wall kept the cold in and made the club a walk in freezer. After that we started building fires in a homemade fire pit.

I guess being married to an artist, you can't help but pick up some tips. We had some Adirondack chairs made. I took some maps that I had acquired and applied them to one of the chairs using a process called decoupage. It took a while, but I liked the results.