Monday, June 1, 2009

Range Officer

I've been assigned to the range for the last week and it's very interesting. The Afgan Police work with the recruits and we oversee them using language assistants. Let me put it this way, they need a lot of help. The ANP instructors are very good, very experienced. I can sum it up this way. These are people whose mothers didn't use prenatal vitamins, they didn't have nutritious diets growing up, nor the benifit of sports programs to help with coordination. They are however, instilled with a will to fight but are inherently lazy.

This week the women are shooting, which is a trip. Some are pretty good, others however, well check the photo's.


  1. Lookin pretty buff there, good for you.

    Stay safe, Hope to see you soon.

  2. Steve, looking good!!! first no sleves, next just take the whole shirt right off!!

    Either you are standing on a box or those are the smallest women I have ever seen!!

    Talk to you soon, stay safe!!

  3. Greetings, I am being recruited to come there as a trainer and am considering it. I have been looking for people that are there and I was directed to you. If you care to email me I would appreciate getting the real world perspective.
    Thanks and stay safe.

  4. Steve, sorry about D-mags comment. He's been getting a little weird lately. I must say though, the sleeveless look is rockin here as well.
    Would someone send that man a Challenge Shirt! (sleeves optional)
    See you soon!