Tuesday, May 11, 2010



We decided we wanted to have a bar-b-q, so we bought a couple of goats on the local economy and picked two of our guys to do the job. They were given a quick lesson a larger than normal kukri’s and it was decided that one goat would be prepared the Nepalese way and the other would be cooked over an open fire. Jason, our resident Gurkha General, would go first. True to form for an honorary Gurkha, he did it in one stroke. Telly O went a little later and felt the pressure of going second, what if he didn’t get it in one hit? It went well and he got it in one swipe like Jason. A few guys took care of the bar-b-q while the Gurkha’s prepared the other one. Then it was dinner, beers, (non alcohol) and cigars by the fire. It was a good time.

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