Friday, March 6, 2009

Seriously guys, you tickle me, keep it up

I followed this guys Blog once, he rowed across the Atlantic, solo from Africa to Florida. He tried to do entries every day, unless he was having mechanical, physical or weather problems. But even when nothing happened, he wrote something. I feel like that sometimes, like, nothing to write, so why bore you with my ruminations. But what the hell, it’s my blog and I’ll blog if I want to.

Actually, I do have something to write about.

Yesterday was one of the reasons I wanted to come this part of the world. I got to see a beautiful part of the country and a friendly area. The Chief was very hospitable and lunch went something like this; It was a medium sized room with a carpet in the middle. Around the carpet were big pillows and everyone sat cross-legged. They take off their shoes when they come in but they accept that the Military can't, in case we have to move fast.
Lunch was brought in and the Lt of my Unit, (a nice guy, whose actually a high school history teacher and is teaching me about the country), told the Chief that all his soldiers eat when the Officers eat, at the same time, so the Chief went outside and made sure everybody was fed. First they brought in Nan about the size of two footballs, flattened out and fresh baked. With that they brought a dish of cucumber dip, peaches in sauce, and a yogurt type substance, which I didn't eat . Then a big plate of rice and vegetables and a bowl of stew with some kind of meat in it. Found out it was lamb and not the missing dog.
After that it was oranges for desert and Chai.

Actually it’s Chai all the time. It’s all they drink. DelB told me about the Chai.(same in Iraq, I guess), I will either never drink it again or I'll be hooked when I get home. That’s a picture of the dude I call the Chai Guy.
Also at lunch and at most meetings is the Village Elder, old, wise with a turban and his entourage of two to five guys. We asked them about fighting the Russians in the 70's and 80's, because they have all been there and done that. Very interesting, great stories.If you want to get a basic understanding of this Country see that movie Charlie Wilsons War.

After ,we went up into the mountains to a check point. These are some of the views. Over my shoulder and over those mountains is Pakistan. Wow, that’s close. Really amazing though.

More dribble to follow.


  1. Hey Steve, great pics. Sounds like a great history lesson over there. Stay safe, and keep sending stuff, makes for great reading to look forward to everyday or so.


  2. Steve.. great pics!!! I have heard that concept before, "The Village Elder" we have a few of them at the PD!!! Talk to you soon!!!
    Stay Safe

  3. Nice pics and look at you learning something while ur on vacation!! Good hearing from you and damn right it's ur blog and u can write when u want to! If they don't like it, take ur ball and go home. STAY SAFE!!!

  4. That's not the chai guy, that's D-mags father, you can tell by the green toenails.
    I thought you were the village elder Steve?

    stay safe