Monday, March 30, 2009

Let’s talk about food...

I don’t know when MRE’s (meals ready to eat, the military’s way of speaking like Yoda), came around, but back in the day, we had C-rations. Meals packed into cans and used from the Vietnam era till whenever the MRE’s came around. If you got lucky and had some Tabasco, C-rats weren’t that bad. Of, course having a jeep every now and then didn’t hurt either. See, you would take an empty can and lower it into your gas tank, take it out, pour dirt or sand in and put it on the ground. Cut another can to make the sides vented and that would be your stove. It would burn long enough to heat a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, eggs or pork and beans. Good during the day, but if there was any light discipline at night, then it was a cold meal.

MRE’s are ok, a lot more variety with a heating unit that’s activated with water, so you can heat up your meal or coffee, whatever. But the picture is of the newer packages called First Strike Ration. It’s about the size of a football but has about enough for three meals. Here’s what’s included; Honey BBQ Beef Sandwich, Pound cake, cheese spread, two beverages, (just add water), two energy bars, two beef jerky, applesauce, Tuna, Mayo, tortillas, crackers, Choc Banana desert bar, nut mix, accessory pack, (Tabasco, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, hand cleaner, ect.). That’s just one of the menu’s, there’s a pretty big variety.

Nothing really new to report, still doing the room clearing stuff, trying to teach them the difference between Cover and Concealment. Dale, you knew it had to come out sooner or later. For the curious, you see, we were training one day, (WPD SWAT) and well, oh never mind, some other time. Did I mention that our weight room is also our weapons room.
That’s all for now, see ya….


  1. Steve: (day dreaming) "Pretty clouds..."

    Inspector: "Steve do you have anything to say to the group?"

    Steve: (huh!?) (compose self and put on best Machiavellian facial expression) "Ask yourself...Cover or Concealment...Which is Better?

    Group: "Whats he talking about we were just gonna break for lunch..."

  2. Steve,

    I have been away for a couple of weeks with the military and have been catching up on you adventures:) As for some friendly advice, I would recommend not eating an entire MRE in one sitting as they are loaded with carbs & Calories............ I found that out the hard way:)

  3. Steve, sign me up!!!! Your eating better than me here in RI?? PBJ and MAC and Cheese has been the menu for the past few days... Barlow and me are at the Basic Swat school this week. Live fire, CQB and most of the basics. Weather is decent, overall a good class. Talk to you soon.
    Stay safe!!

  4. Great now the weather will get bad an I will have to stand back at the range building and give commands so I can stay dry, Thanks Dan...