Friday, April 3, 2009


Well as most of you know, I had surgery not too long ago, and it’s not an excuse, but I wasn’t working out much before I left for January. I figured, hey, if I wanted it bad enough, then a quarter mile run with gear on shouldn’t be too hard. It was, but I had it in my head that once I did it, that I wouldn’t have to run again. Didn’t matter how much it hurt later, it mattered how important it was. So I did it and the other tests they had, then didn’t do anything else in Virginia.
In my defense, the days were long and we didn't have access to a gym. I know, I know, you don't need a gym to run, there was no time Dammit. That's it about that.
When I got to Kabul and had to walk up the hill on the base to the armory, I was out of breath. Now granted I was at about 6000feet, and my house back home is about 93’ above sea level, but I was walking for Pete’s sake. So I started going to the gym on the base when I got up, mostly focusing on cardio. After about two weeks I was running and breathing, you know getting acclimated. So when I got to my current location, I started working out with the troops. Did I mention that I’m the third oldest guy in my building. Doesn’t matter, pain is a crutch. About two weeks in, I was riding in the back of a Cougar, 36,000 pounds of rolling steal. It was crowded so I didn’t have a harness and the driver, well the driver sucked. First time driving at night, black out conditions. I got thrown around like a rag doll. But hey, pain’s a crutch right. Took it easy for a few and got back into it, then back to working out with kids that were born when I was still wearing cammies.
Anyway, the good friends back home are doing Cross fit to get ready for an upcoming event, or the revolution, whichever comes first. Could be just to stay in the shape they need to be in. They have a Blog too, but its by invite only. I asked the Master of Pain if I should do it here and he said stop whining and start exercising already B****! But if you know anything about Cross Fit, first you need to be in shape before you can do it. I brought it up to the guys I work out with and one guy had done it before and came up with some stuff. We did it and the MOP posted it on his Blog. But like I said, since its closed to the general public, you can’t see it, SWAT excluded of course.
If you care this is what we did;
4 stations1 minute each station;
HMMV wheel drag
Pushups (10), flutter kicks (20), repeat till minutes up
BP bar press, while jumping
Box jumps
Rest for 2 min
Second set of stations
HMMV wheel flip
10lbs each, shoulder fly’s (killed, not sure the titanium’s ready)
Pushups (10), mountain climbers (20), repeat till minutes up
Running, switching feet up on tire? get it?
Rest for 2
Third set of stations
Sprint for 20, rest 5 sprint 20 rest 5, sprint till minutes up
Stand on tire, hitting with sledge hammer
Throw sand bag full of big ass chains
Four corner jump
Rest till heart monitor got back to normal, repeat as needed, ( we did it twice) can barely type.
So anyway, I’m a work in progress and by the time I come home, maybe I can go to NEST with the boys.
This picture is our fire pit/smoking area. Ciao


  1. After about 3 weeks of really doing it, you will never go back...enjoy the transition

    Send us a video of one of your workouts with the lads and the MOP will post it.

    Good work buddy

  2. Looking good dude! We may need to take you back from retirement and put you back on the team. You're making DelB look soft!
    A few more weeks of Crossfit and your body fat will be lower than Dale's as well.
    Stay Safe,

  3. You store extra food in that thing on your face? lol
    Good your staying in shape over there. That cross fit seems reliable.
    Stay safe!
    Love oyu

  4. fat and outta shape is a bad thing???

  5. Keep up the good work Steve!! It's just like riding a bike... it will all come back quick!!
    Talk to you soon,
    Stay safe,

  6. New WPD SWAT rule: No Tobacco Product Allowed.
    Can you believe it Steve? You need to get back here and straighten these people out.