Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope you all had a lovely Holiday. The bunny didn't make an appearance here, could be because he couldn't hop so well wearing body armor and a kevlar helmet.

We had a local taylor make us some outfits called ManJams, ( that's what we call them). Taylors the short guy in the middle. Very comfortable and breezy. Faces blocked because of OpSec, you all know me, so....

That's me and George, my roommate with the local weapon of choice.


  1. Steve, thanks for the Easter wishes. Hope you were able to make the best of yours. That last pic is kind of diturbing, you are really blending in with the locals... LOL
    Stay safe!

  2. Yeah that's called "wardrobe" your filming Team America 2 arnt ya Steve? I always new you put the F in freedom, Happy Easter bro.

  3. At first glance, in the first picture I actually thought the guy that's 2nd from the left had huge, red bunny ears on for Easter!

  4. Steve, tell me the truth!! Are you really in Afghanistan or have you been at the playboy Mansion with Hef enjoying an extended pajama party this whole time???

  5. Well, If anyone could have fun in a place like Afghanistan, it would be you. Keep up the good work my friend. And thanks for reminding us of the dull and uninteresting lives we lead.
    LOL Stay Safe,

  6. Don't have too much fun over there, you'll want to go back, it can be addicting Happy Easter, you are changing the world a little at a time, which usually is the best way