Wednesday, April 8, 2009

of beards and wake up calls....

Yes, I'm growing my beard, but I don't have squat on this guy. That, in the words of Eddie I., is a Huge F*** Off beard. I don't think I'll let mine get that long, but close.Actually, facial hair is a sign of wisdom to the Afghan's. So it's not just my being lazy and not wanting to shave. This fine Gentleman is the Principle at the local school.

Hey, we've had two more of those Boom in the Night incidents since the last time. Both friendly, but about a week ago at about 0200hrs, (that's 2:00 am) I was jolted out of a nice sound sleep. I got up and went to the radio room just in time to hear that it was Outgoing. Someone opened our front door, right when another went off. Now our base is pretty big and I'm not sure where they shoot them from, but it was pretty frigging loud. Crack then boom. Then two nights ago, again. But, I could hear a lot of guys up and about. Not like last time. The funny thing is, I didn't move, just opened my eyes and listened. Couple seconds later, I heard the Outgoing. How's that for complacency. What can I say, I was very comfy. Six shots that time.


  1. Hey Steve, luckily that sign of wisdom is facial hair and not the hair on your head! I can get away with saying that because of course I am "Mini-me".
    All those booms keep up, when you get home you'll be having Pam blowing off M80's in the bedroom so you can get comfy at night.
    Oh yeah, glad to see your both giving your biggest smiles in the pic, keep the post coming. Can't always comment, but its good reading.

  2. Dude burn the ends of that 550 cord or is that a sign of local wisdom also...

    Cake or Death!

  3. Steve,

    Happy Easter! We hope the Easter Bunny over there has been nice to you this morning.....

    Tom, Lynne, Jonathan, Ben & Casey