Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Vacation

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I’ve been in travel/vacation mode. After spending about a week at the range, located on the Afghan Army base, which by the way, is littered with old Russian Tanks, my journey went something like this….(wavy lines, smoke…fade to flashback).
I got a ride from our security guys last Tuesday morning at about 6:00 am to the airport. Boarded the local aircraft for the two and a half hour ride to Dubai. After clearing customs and immigration I had to decide what to do for the next fourteen hours. If I took the advice of some of my co-workers and took a cab to explore Dubai, I would have to lug two back packs, (carry-on’s) for the day. Plus I would have to stay away until about two hours before the flight. Anyway, I opted to stay and explore the Dubai International Airport. Did some shopping, had a beer or two the Irish Pub, watched a couple movies and took a nap. There’s a Hotel in the Airport that offers rooms by the hour, not what you think, its for weary travelers to freshen up. There’s also a spa that offers amenities which I used. For $16.00 you can use a private room that has a shower and steam room. It was a nice way to freshen up before the transcontinental flight. Around midnight Tuesday, we boarded and settled in. I had gone for the economy plus upgrade and it was worth it. A little more leg room and a little better service. After two meals, 5 movies and a couple naps we arrived in DC at about 6:30am Wednesday. It was nice to be back in the US and I grabbed a USA Today and a Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Ah.. Americana. Got on the next plane for the four and half hour ride to LA. The family was already out there, enjoying the sunshine on the left coast. Forty hours after leaving my room, I arrived in Los Angeles.
So that’s where I am now, relaxing, chillin and not having to worry about my sectors of fire. Big election coming up and I wish the guys back there safety and smooth sailing.


  1. Steve - Really appreciate the work you put into this. Most of my family is following you because I have sent them your link. I'm supposed to be in the 12 Sep PAST, maybe we'll get to meet someday. If you have time, I would like to communicate directly for some advice from a vet. Regards, Randy (

  2. 40 hours...
    I Probly would have put on a big fake Afro, Elton John glasses, purple samurai shorts and rollerskated around the terminal with a boom box till I really ticked people off..

    Security likes to beat me

  3. Russian tanks, Dubai and chillin on the west coast.........

    get kids up, dressed, fed brought to camp/daycare, work and then reverse and repeat the order daily... I am doing something very wrong here???

  4. Ummm, a hotel (at an airport) that offers rooms by the hour, steam and shower rooms. Come on Steve!? At least make something up.

  5. Hello from Tennessee!! There are 3 of us from my Police dept that are going through the hiring process too. We have been told the October 10 th Past class and we waiting for our stuff to come back from the DOS. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and it has really helped my family and I out with all of you comments and pictures. It takes alot of the wondering out and gives us some idea of what it is like over there. We too have stated a blog just like yours which has saved alot of repeating to our friends and family what we are doing and when etc. I hope you really enjoy your vacation time with your family. Semper Fi...
    Sgt. John Conrad Dandridge Police Eastern TN.