Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I’m back on Mars. Left Boston Tuesday on Lufthansa, which by the way, is a great airline. Good food, nice flight attendants and a new plane. Flew to Frankfurt then on to Dubai, which is a nice airport. They’re giving away a car, like a lot of places do. But not many places give away an Aston Martin and a V-Rod. Also a Porsche and a Lamborghini. Nice. Then I had a nice leisurely breakfast, Irish at the airport’s Irish Pub. Not very healthy, but when I get back to work, it’ll be back to 2 a days. Then it was onto Kabul. I would suggest Safi to Kam-Air any time. Landed, got through passport control and back to the base no problem. Just a feeling, but at the airport and during ride through Kabul there was a weird vibe, like a collective breath being held. Waiting for something. I can only put it towards the elections and the outcome, which are still pending. Be more comfortable when I get my guns back.
It was great being home, well when I say home, the US, because of my cross country tour, twice, numerous times, various parties and little sleep. It was nice and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Maybe staying longer. Tick tock though. Its ticking and if you keep busy it flies, right?


  1. I am glad you got to come home for a while. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay safe.


  2. We hear so many different stories here in Canada re the elections-and lots of attempts to stop them from happening.
    Stay safe and hopefully things will calm down