Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Had a very nice visit this past weekend from Pam and the boys. (Missed you Mel). They flew down and stayed at a local hotel. They did tours and scouted the local area and we got together at night after class. It was a great morale booster and once again proves I'm a lucky man to be involved with such a resourceful woman. Thank you very much Pam.


  1. Steve u are a lucky man!

    Seems like your training is right up your alley...The only difference between men and boys and is the size of their toys..

    Keep having fun and stay safe!!!

  2. Great Pics Steve,

    Least you dont have snow all over the place. We didnt shoot today cause we couldnt open the gate. Brian Pires says hi. He did a lecture on terrorism for the team today. Almost thru so put your head down and drive on bro.

  3. Great pics Steve!! Stay safe!!