Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009

Hello all. This is my first post and maybe my last, depending on the outcome of my psyc test, and oral interview. Got to DC Saturday, had to wait at the airport for all the other candidates flying in from all over the country. Then we loaded up on a bus for the hour and a half ride to Va and a local Hotel. 2 to a room.

Sunday, class alot of admin stuff and alot about sexual harassment.

Monday had my psyc, interview then the run. Only a quarter mile plus stairs in 2 minutes 30. Plus 37 lb vest, pistol and m-4. I did it in 1:30 w/o the vest, 2:17 with. Pass is pass right. Then the obstacle course, varied events, over a wall, up steps, through a tube, serpintine, run, up a ladder then drag a 200lb dummy 20'. 2:00 min for that, did it in 1:24. So thats it for today. If my results for the other tests are ok then there will be more posts, if not, I'll be back sooner rather than later.


  1. Maybe Danny can lend you his eyebrow and knuckle hair so you can blend in with the citizens of Dhurka Dhurka Dhurka...oh wait you got knuckle hair ..but may be you could turn the eye brow 90 degrees and use it as a mohawk

  2. Psych test??? you need a ride home from the airport...

  3. Steve, for some strange reason guys rather talk about my facial hair than find out how you are... time to get priorities in check!!!

  4. You bet ur ass pass is pass!! Hey with ur bionic shoulder this stuff should be as easy as slapping a girl on the ass...oh wait that whole sexual harassment thing...sorry. Steve, I gotta go with Dave on the psych test..hope u packed lite...but we can go for beers!!!!