Monday, January 19, 2009

To catch up on things. Last Thursday and Friday we got our issued gear (desert chic) and did convoy ops, which consisted of showing us how to move passengers from a downed vehicle to a good running vehicle. Interesting because there could be five big dudes in full kit that have to get into your vehicle which already has five dudes in full kit. TIGHT. Then we did weapons familiarization, all inside. M-9, M-4 and AK. Standard CQB stuff. They broke us into teams and we did team building drills. Fun. Saturday was the coldest its been here in 10 years, (to answer your question D-Mags, no it has not been warm, just the opposite) it was -3 Saturday morning.

Luckily I had convoy ops, so we were in and out of vehicles all day. Including Humvee's.

Sunday we did M-4 drills and M-9 qualification. Not too bad, 480 out of 500, 50 rounds. I think its been about two years since I shot so WTF. I'm sure I'll get alot of range time over there. I'm wearing five layers of clothes.

After that we shot the AK for a while, just for fun.
Today we had combat emergency care all day and tomorow is M-4 quals, so wish me luck.

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