Monday, May 25, 2009

A change of scenery

This is what we flew in when they moved us out of Logar. We left because of certain developments between us and the military that I’m not at liberty to discuss. I’m in the city now working as an advisor. Unknown for how long. Right now I assess the Afghan Instructors as they teach classes to recruits and I will be heading to the range to be a range officer. Let me say this about the Afghan Police Recruits. At Logar, when teaching, you could hold their attention for about twenty minutes at a time. Then they would lose interest and drift. Like teaching children. After that, you were just talking to yourself. They’ve already been trained, and are already working. Much like teaching seasoned cops back home that go to in service training because they have to. Know what I mean? Its better here, it’s more like being at an academy, which it is. Should still be interesting with guns though.

Our security here, and at many other places in country, is done by Gurkhas. They are Warriors from Nepal who take their name from the 8th Century Hindu warrior Guru Gorakhnath. A disciple of his, Bappa Rawal actually liberated Afghanistan with his Gurkha Army, driving the invading Muslims out.
They’re well trained and highly devoted. The line goes, when asked by a Queen if the enemy would get to her, the Gurkha replied, “I can not promise that they won’t get to you, but I promise that if they reach you, they will be covered with Gurka blood".

They carry a Kukri, also known as a Gurkha Blade. A formidable weapon that comes in a variety of sizes. They use them as weapons and tools. I’ve actually seen one used to decapitate a goat, with one stroke. (sorry, no video as this is a PG Blog). The one I have is a ceremonial blade, worn with a dress uniform for special occasions. A Nepali boy will have one at the age of five and will be skilled in the use of the weapon before he becomes a man. It’s said that by the time he joins the Army the knife has become a chopping extension of his arm. A very dangerous weapon in close quarters.


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  2. I rode in one of those russian helicopters at Fort Polk when we were playing Opfor

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