Friday, May 15, 2009


I have to continuously apologize for bad internet service. But this time it was the generators. Our side of the base is, or was powered by a big ass generator that we would shut off during the day to conserve fuel. We had a smaller generator for daytime hours. About a day after the 33rd left, the big one died. So we, the three Dyn guys living in our building, ran the small one during the day until we went to bed. When we got up we ran it. Well two days ago that died, bad fuel pump. So for the last three days, we have been living like the Afghan’s. Actually the Afghans have power, so… We ended up splicing into another generator, (sshhh, don’t tell anybody) and now I’m back on.

So something has been bothering me for a while. I gave a speech at my retirement party and while I guess it wasn’t bad, I realize I really didn’t say the things I should have said. I don’t know if writing it would have helped either because I don’t know if it was in my head then to say. So here goes.

The job for me was about partners.

When I first started out on the department my first partner I rode with was, that’s right you know him, you love him, Jack. He was who I spent my first Christmas and New Years with. He taught how to not take it so seriously. He was a good guy to be my FTO, of course we didn’t call it that, but that’s what he was. And because WPD rode signal cars, when I was put out on my own, he was really my only partner of my time in uniform.

Then I became a Detective and Detective work is all about partners in WPD, (or was anyway). The first partner I had was a guy named Joe Bell. Joe was old school, nose to the grindstone kind of cop. Former BCI guy, who showed me how to process a scene. My first B & E investigation was solved from a print we lifted off a piece of glass.
Then I was on my own for a while working bad checks. After that I worked in a five to six person squad doing B & E’s and Assaults. I was partnered with Bob P. I never laughed so much. Funny guy. We slipped away one day, (saying we were looking for somebody) and ended up on Second Beach in Middletown, sipping a cool drink (virgin of course) and smoking cigars. You would have thought we were at a cocktail party. After that it was SOG and I was working with the Grinch, (Mike T.) we did unorthodox work with good results. Then back out on the floor and Scott M and I were a team. Fun stuff and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be in Casa De Lillian. Then I went to HIDTA and was paired with the crazy Frenchman from Woonsocket. The first and best thing Guy told me was “small cases, small problems, big cases big problems, no cases…” Well, we had some big cases and the problems that go with em. Towards the end, I came back to regular Detective work and I guess my last official partner on the WPD was Dave V. Hope I didn’t corrupt him too much.

Of course along the way, I worked with a bunch of great people, on shifts, groups, squads, teams, whatever. The men and women in blue, the other Detectives I had the great opportunity to work with, the guys in SOG and the boys in HIDTA, (FBI, RISP, Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, East Providence, CF, Charlestown and Coventry). The Bomb guys from Providence and the Fire Marshalls Office, US Customs people and the BATF. Of course the frogs on the Dive team, and the boys in Black. Ray, the best boss I’ve had, Chris, my Mentor, Dale, Brad, Thomas, Jay, Steve F, Rock, Andrew, Mark, Mini-Me, Steve L, Mike F, Steph, Sean, My brother-in-law, Mike, whose been with a friend since we met in the academy, Beave and BA, Paul W and Stump, Cruz, Mark C and Hutch. My old diving partners, Billy H and Scott H. And anyone else’s name I neglected, (sorry).

Now this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two people, two partners. One of which has been my partner since High School. Through the years of M.M., 82nd, West Roxbury VA and the WPD. He’s always been there, even now. To borrow a line from Spock, “I have been and always shall be, your friend”, (corny, but what the hell). Last, but by no means least, my lovely Wife. She supports me and Loves me and we will be partners till the end. Yin Yang Baby, Yin Yang.

Sorry, but I had to get that out.


  1. Steve, great post. Sorry I havn't been writing, been a non-stop month!!! Sounds like things are going as good as can be. Your secret is safe with me about the whole electricity thing... Nice words about the wife too. We joke about our signifigant others all the time, but in reality they are what keeps us going!!!

    Stay safe, talk to you soon.

  2. Steve, Lets see here are my recollections of being your last "official partner". I remember Kuba Kuba cigars, way too many Turbo Ice coffees and looking at boats I knew I could never afford but sure enjoyed looking at. Oh Yeah, we worked some good cases to (-; Corrupt me ???? doubt it...

  3. Someone definately corrupted him!
    Its and honor and privilege to have dove, shot, drank and smoke with you my friend. And even more so to have been mentioned in the speech.