Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leaving Logar

Had to go back to Logar last week to train my replacement. Basically, like camping out for a week. Then caught a flight back to the city, where I’m assigned right now. I go to various Police Departments, meet with the Chief’s, (each PD has its own Chief or General), and go over the basics. I’m working with another New Englander, a guy from Maine, which is rare because northerners are the minority here.
I’ll miss some things about Logar like being away from the flagpole, the clean air, it stinks in the city, and clear nights when you could see millions of stars. Thing is, when you’re on a FOB its you and one other guy and the Military, which I don’t mind. But here, you’re with Cops, and after being one for 20 plus years, it’s comforting.
So, I’ll say so long to Logar, thanks for the memories. Not goodbye, because you never know…

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  1. Hey Steve, so glad to see your doing well. Sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog for a little while and missed your home coming. I would have liked to have been there. Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Did they have any punch on the Golf course?
    Anyway your family looks great! Stay Safe.