Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living in box and a new job

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been pretty busy. After my return from Logar I was asked if I wanted a position as an Advisor, which is different from a Mentor in that instead of going out to the PD’s to monitor how they’re doing, you stay at the base and are basically an Instructor at the training facility, think academy. So I said yes. Then I was told I would be taking over as the Logistics/Advisor Officer for the camp. My main job is running the supply issue for the ANP here and showing the Afghan’s how to complete the necessary paperwork when requesting gear for the police. After that parts done for the different cycles, I can jump in on the classes I want to help with, like the range, handcuffing, baton, car stops, ect. I think I’ll like it.
I also got moved to new living quarters. These metal boxes, conex’s, are generally used for storage. Somewhere, someone came up with the idea of making them into rooms. Mine’s on the second level and it’s actually pretty nice. It’s about 8’ x 16’ with a bathroom and AC. All the comforts of home, minus the kids and my beautiful wife.


  1. They paying you more now that you have moved up and have better living quarters, that's what usually happens, it's like you are on vacation...

  2. Sounds like close quarters but if you don't have to share the space, Iguess it's not too bad...Miss You!