Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I had the opportunity to visit the Queen's Palace in Kabul, (below left). I guess at one time it was quite the place. This is open for us to go inside, which we did. Really amazing. Opposite this is the King's Palace, which you can see behind me and in the photo, above right. That is closed to the public. Back when the Russians invaded, they destroyed both building and they've never been repaired, too bad.

If you want to see them in their original state, you'll have to go online. Due to copyright infringement, I can't show them here. But check it out, they were extraordinary.


  1. Captain Gallucii, it is now official, next step Chief of Police

  2. Wow, those buildings are beautiful! Shame the public can't access them all; but I'm sure there is a good reason?

    (This is my first post, so I will include the heartfelt yet a bit corny, due to others, thank you for serving our country. =) )

    And thank you for the wonderful blog! And the picutres; very nice to see a bit of what you see.