Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well after a much needed vacation, I’m back on Mars.

The leave was everything I hoped it would be. Fantastic job by Pam, as always, of planning and mapping out the upcoming events. After the graduation, ceremony and party weekend, we, me, Pam and the boys, headed north to Canada. My daughter had to finish school and would fly up the next week to meet us.
The first leg was from RI to St. Johns New Brunswick. As a graduation gift, Nick and I went kayaking and then went into the Reversing Falls in St John’s on a jet boat ride. No kidding that boat went underwater numerous times, frigging cold water too. Very cool. Then we did some sightseeing around town.
The hotel had a water slide in the pool and me and the boys did things that should have gotten us kicked out if they had seen us. Footage available on Facebook. Two nights there then it was on to Halifax Nova Scotia. It was a whole city like Thayer St and Newport mixed together.
After Halifax we went to a little town called Shelburne where we rented a house. Couple things, it was supposed to be a beach house, it wasn’t. I mean we live in the Ocean State. Beaches are everywhere. We wanted a house on the beach. This was near a beach which was overgrown all the way to the water. That and it rained the entire time we were there. Thank god the boys had Xbox because the only internet we had was if we drove into town. It was nice being together though. We cut the stay short and headed back in the direction of Halifax.
We went back towards Halifax to await the arrival of Mel and found a hotel with another waterslide and broke more safety codes. Mel flew from Boston to Halifax and met and sat with Charles Barkly, not Knarles, on the flight.
We left there and drove to a place called Moncton. Checked their claim to fame, the Chocolate River, and Hopewell Rocks, then dinner at a little Mexican restaurant where we learned of the passing of the late great MJ.
We finished up the trip with a two night stay in St Andrews at a great place called the Rossmount Inn. After about 1750 miles we got home.
That two weeks was great, had some real quality time with the family. The week at home, including the 4th, went way to fast. It was nice to see old friends and look forward to the next time.

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