Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crafting in Afghanistan?

I must be rubbing off on him...some manly jewelry designs in the works!
Before Steve left for Afghanistan, when we were visiting him in Virginia, I went to an Army Surplus store and got him a huge spool of parachute cord...this is some of what he has done with it. Very crafty...manly bracelets.

I love his plain phone! No frills but it has kept us in touch and that is priceless.
In a recent email he mentioned completing an intense medic course that will certify them in (CLS) Combat Life Saving. I think they had to give each other IVs!
More soon...


  1. Steve 550 cord makes for really crappy scarves and sweaters. The i.v. bag things a hoot did cls in the army. hopefully your partner didnt drink too much coffee.

  2. That iv thing can come in handy after some of your 4th of July parties!!!

  3. ever thought about taking up knitting an afghan, in afghanistan??? I will send plenty of yarn if you desire...

  4. I didn't see the sign for maid service?? I love the pictures. Stay safe my friend!

  5. Steve, your Afghan outfit should make a great halloween costume for the Mansion!! The dress looks pretty comical, maybe your onto an alternative to your ol Christmas pajama party. You look great buddy. Keep in touch and make HIDTA proud!!!


  6. Steve, I didn't know you were so clever with knots etc. That's pretty cool stuff. Your friends have some cool ideas for your parties when you get back home. Love, Mom