Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24, 2009

This is a place called Koshi Valley.
Because it is well irrigated they have four seasons with the leaves changing in the fall. Should be beautiful.

Me in our ride.
Can’t really move that well because of all of the gear I wear.

This is one of the two puppies at camp.
Her name is Makhi which roughly translates to "Fat Girl".
Five (the adult dog pictured in the previous post) is pregnant, but this is not one of hers.

This is me with some of the Afghan Police, good guys.


  1. Now things are started to get real interesting for you. Great stuff!!!! Keep it coming pal. and. . . Stay safe!!!! Phil

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  3. Steve.. The Afghan officer on your left, looks like he is 8 feet tall.. Good pics, keep them coming.. All is quiet here. Stay safe!! Danny

  4. I take it heading to the mountains for a weekend of skiing and beer is not an accepted practice there?? Just caught up on your recent activities and photo's. Great stuff! Talk to you soon.


  5. You should strap on a garbage bag and sled down that mountain. Good Times! Just wear a helmet. LOL. Stay safe. Jay