Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello, I'm back

Received my power cord today.
Many thanks to Pam for covering for me.
Things are good, still waiting to get to my post.
I do get to see more of the local scenery every day though. Very interesting.
Imagine the worst road conditions you can think of, then multiply that by 100.
Potholes, ruts, pavement, then dirt.
As far as the drivers, well let me put it this way,
you don't need a license here and vehicles do not have to be inspected.
Also there are no lanes, it's a free for all. Pass when you want...Fun.
This photo is of me wearing some of the local garb I picked up at the bazaar.
More to come.


  1. Oddly enough, this picture of you leaves me speachless.
    Some things here never change...had ankle surgery on Thursday...callout on Saturday. At least Dale finally got to swing the ram.
    Stay Safe,

  2. Um steve, that table was selling donkey blankets, how embarassing....

    In homage to you I was going to ram the door then "accidentally" be first to enter but instantly realized that the suspects peed themselves and I didnt want to touch them so I let Rocco go first.

  3. Hey Steve.........nice job, but keep an eye out for the guy in the followers section of your blog. He's wearing the red Kifaya head band and scarf. Legend has it he fled the HIDTA unit in R.I. and hangs out in one of the many red light districts in Afghanistan. Approach with caution, he's often intoxicated and armed with an "Italian bazooka".

  4. Actually Dale, the guy peed himself when he saw your manly figure standing in the doorway!
    I think he said "Holy Corssfit!"
    Steve you look like your ready for Carnavale!
    Stay safe