Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hello all,

I am filling in for Steve until his computer is working again.
Here are some pictures he was able to send from his roommate's computer...

Pretty impressive landscape I think...
They are still training. They went to the range and shot today.

I think this picture is "so Steve"

This is their camp.

I LOVE this is Steves version of an Afghan fruit basket for his room! (He sure does like his fresh fruit!)
Very creative.

His room. He said that's just about how wide it is.

At the range.

The rolling box he had to ride in today to get to the range. He said about 15 guys with full gear were in there. Very uncomfortable. He couldn't sit up straight because the roof was too short.

His bed.

Outside their wall. He said at night this junkyard has an eerie glow with a light from behind.

The jet they arrived in Afghanistan on.

Just a cool picture of the mountains. I think it looks like a painting.
Hopefully he will be posting soon...but for now it's my pleasure to do it for him.


  1. Steve, you definately are a cool shit! The Superbowl isn't the same without ya. Hope you're having a blast.
    Stay Safe,

  2. Great pix, keep them coming...
    Stay safe Steve!

  3. Marogers says
    Great Pictures! You really look like you're in you're element. Stay safe and be careful. Love, Mom

  4. Hell yeah Dad. Keep it up. Love ya.

  5. You look like you found a niche buddy....Very cool pictures, keep them coming. Its nice to see what you see everyday. Keep you head up and Be Safe,